AU Phone Field

  • For Australian users, the phone number format has been expanded for all phone number fields to allow 1300 and 1800 numbers. 

Location Popup Window

  • The delete button on the View Locations popup under Settings -> Organization Settings -> Locations has been modified. When a user clicks on a location, the Delete button on the View Location popup window has now been moved to the bottom of the popup to eliminate confusion. 

Lead Status Movements

  • The way users navigate through statuses has now been changed to the following – Registered will now go to Enrolled or Lost Opportunity (as well as backwards to whatever statuses that were previously hit). Enrolled will now go backwards to Registered or forward to Temporarily Leave or Withdrawn. Temporarily Leave will now go backwards to Enrolled or Forward to Withdrawn. Withdrawn will not be able to move at all. 


  • Under Settings -> System Settings -> Statuses, the Up/Down/Add/Delete buttons have all been removed from the page and Active and Archive Statuses have been moved to side by side instead of one on top of the other. 

Age Group Rates

  • Under Settings -> Organization Settings -> Locations -> Age Groups, minor design changes was made to Age Group Rates for center locations.
  • When switching from Advanced Mode to Simple Mode, the Simple Mode estimated value will be per week, and the Simple Mode will always be defaulted to week instead of months. 


Users will now see an option to sort reporting by Sales Rep on the following reports – Trend Tacking, Conversion Success & Completed Tasks/Events. 

Group Communication

  • Manage Groups can now be created using location group or brand. 
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