• Expected Start Date has been added to the Stalled Opportunities report. 

• Scheduled Days has been added to the Active Child and Archive Child reports.
        o This is not the reports defaulted view type
        o Be sure to change the Show Report Type to: “Detail with Schedule” for this                   view. 

• Classroom has been added to the Child Status Tracking Detail report. 

Special Employers

• Users now have the ability to add Special Employers at the Location Level. 


• The submit button on forms now have the ability to have their color changed.

Status Page

• On the status page, users will no longer see the black line at the bottom
 of the page.

Business Rules

• Under Business Rules settings, users will see a button that allows them to            expand a section.

Email Templates

• Users now have the ability to track what email template an email
was sent with. 

Advanced Search

• Additional Contacts that are entered on a Lead page will now be searchable       under ‘Advanced Search’ on the search bar.

Email Settings

• The “From Email Name” section under the Email Settings tab has been moved to the Preferences tab.
• The Email Settings & Text Settings tab has been removed from the Settings tab.

Manage Task

• Users can no longer reject a lead from the Manage Task page. 


Wait List Fee

• The Wait List Fee will format correctly when a user enters it, and it will stay          formatted correctly after a user saves it. 

Add Child Popup

• When adding a child, the bottom ‘Save’ button will use the proper cursor when    hovering over it. 

Past Activities Section

• Hovering over Events under Past Activities with special character will no              longer  produce a small box with odd characters where the description should be. 

Completed Task Popup

• When changing a status to 'Lost Opportunity' when completing a task, the            Save button will now work on the 'Status Change Alert' popup window.


• Changing tabs in the reports section will no longer take a long time to load.
• The Scheduled Tasks reports field "include cancelled by business rule" now has a left border.

Account Settings

• When entering account information, the Save button is now operational and        users will be able to update/save their information. 

Other Locations of Interest

• When popup appears, the chosen location will no longer be cut off. 

System Privileges

• The System Privileges Templates tab now looks exactly like the System                Privileges tab.
• When setting a user's system privileges, if an individual report is removed, the      user will no longer have access to the report. 

Duplicate Leads

• When viewing or merging multiple leads, users now have the ability to                  view/merge up to 5 children. 

Manage Groups

• When going through the steps of sending group communication, all blank            pages will now be blank instead of having "-----" to denote a blank area.  
• Whether or not certain fields are filled in or left blank, users will be able to see      each page correctly and send the email to their group.

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