New/Improved Enhancements


  • Tasks are now in one tab on the home screen instead of two.“All Tasks” and “My Tasks” will be in a drop down under a new “Tasks” tab.


  • Within group communications you can now select multiple options on all items except gender and state.


  • The Classroom Openings Report can now be viewed at the Regional level and the classroom openings widget on the home screen will include days of week and uses AM/PM half days just like on the child's schedule.
  • When clicking on the print button on the report, the user's name will appear underneath the time the report was generated. It will appear as "Generated By:and the user's name”.
  • When clicking on the export button on the report, the user's name will appear underneath the time the report was generated in the footer. It will appear in the same way as in the printed report.
  • The new Tasks Past Due Report shows the percentages of tasks past due in a specified time range.
  • Location codes are now being used in the Staff Usage Report instead of the center’s full names.
  • The word “Queued” has been removed from the run log label.

System Fixes


  • When adding a new lead from the Home Screen the save button did not have cursor finger icon - now it does. 
  • When viewing the List Leads page for any given status, leads without children did not show a status date. Now all leads show a status date when viewing the list of leads for any status. 


  • There was inconsistency with the cancel buttons at the top and bottom of the task pop up window, they will now behave the same way.
  • There was an error with the date field in the Wait List Calendar. The error has been resolved.
  • While using the pop up calendar to edit the 'Wait List Date' on the wait list status window, the date was getting changed to "0/DD/Y". The issue has been corrected.
  • If you missed a required field on the “Add New Child” window, a pop-up tells you what you are missing and disables the save buttons. The buttons were not being re-enabled once the missing fields were corrected - thus not allowing you to save the new child. This issue has been resolved and the buttons work as expected.  


  • Name and Subject are now required fields on all Email templates.
  • Merge variables are now inserted into an email/text at the time of sending instead of creation, allowing for changes in the organization (Staff Name, title, etc.) to be applied to emails.
  • Sessions and courses are now available filtering criteria in marketing groups. 
  • A rare issue where incorrect Images would display emails has been resolved.


  • A new view has been added to the Staff Usage report. The new view provides a better view of the data for those who convert the report to Excel.
  • The default dates for AU, NZ, and UK clients on reports will now show in DD/MM/YYYY format and will no longer receive error alerts. 
  • Lead and child type were in the wrong spots on Current Opportunities Report.
  • The Conversion Success Report was timing out when using the “Calculate Using Leads Only” feature. This report has been optimized and will no longer time out.
  • Tours and Meeting Report data was inconsistent with Completed Tasks/Events Report. The calculation of the Tours and Meeting Report is now accurate and consistent with the Completed Tasks/Events report.
  • Previously, when hitting the backspace button on the keyboard while running reports an issue would accrue. This has been resolved.


  • Under Staff System Privileges, all boxes under “Templates and Attachments” will now save and will be checked and enabled by the “Check All” function. 
  • When creating a business rule, the “Operator” field will default to “Equals” and the “From” field will no longer be available, since it is not needed.If the “To/ From” operator is chosen the “From” field will be available.


  • Captcha has been added as an option to web forms for better security.
  • The default web and kiosk form color were previously all white, it will now be black and white.
  • Logo, text & button alignment issues have been resolved. 
  • Web forms are now more  responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Multi-location selection issues on web forms have been resolved.
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