We want to say a big thank you to everyone who submitted feature requests and bug reports to our team! While we are still working on a few of them, we are happy to announce that we successfully implemented some of your requests and ideas!

Home Screen

• We have added a classroom openings widget onto the home screen of corporate users. While center level users have been able to see openings at their center, corporate level could only see it at the center level after selecting a center. Now, they will be able to select a center to view their openings. We felt this was an important feature to add because you can’t measure what you can’t see!


• When referring a child to another center within the “Refer Lead” pop up, a location will be colored red if the child is already listed in that center to prevent accidental duplicates. If you continue with the duplicate selection, the system will alert you of this possible error. So now, if you have two kids with the same name, it isn’t a system error, it’s just a really weird coincidence.

• Text messages can now be delayed by minutes, hours, and days, which will be extremely helpful when things like scheduling a “Happy Birthday” text message, or when you want Friday field trip text message reminders to go out Thursday instead of Monday! 


• Enhancements to the Group Email feature are here just in time for Summer Camp! Get those permission slips ready, friends! You are now able to attach multiple attachments to an email message within the group distributions just like you’ve been doing in individual emails.


• There were several repetitive tabs/pages in the “Account Settings” section. We deleted these to reduce any confusion about why you would need to see the same information 3 different times.

• Users were experiencing an “additional cost” pop up when setting up integrations. We realized that this could be confusing because integrations are a part of our all-inclusive pricing. So we removed this pop up from the integration set up process.


• Previously, the Scheduled Task Report had the option “Include Canceled by Business Rule” automatically checked. This meant that you might be seeing tasks “to do” that had already been cancelled. No one has time for unnecessary information! With this update, “Include Canceled by Business Rule” will no longer be automatically checked.

• We replaced the data field for competitor hours of operations with a drop down. This will increase consistency among all competitors and make reports more efficient in the future!

• We know you’ve been wanting a way to track your enrollment retention within our system, and now, you’re one step closer. Within the “Conversion Timing Report”, we’ve added an enhancement to track from the Enrolled to the Withdrawn statuses. If you’ve been keeping up your CRM data and statuses are accurate, you’ll now be able to have a clearer picture of retention time at your centers. 

Customer Success

• We have added a cool new tool for our customer success team. They are now able to mass delete overdue tasks for you. We heard complaints that tasks sections had become overcrowded with unhelpful information for many locations. All you have to do is reach out to them if your drowning in overdue tasks and need a life preserver.


• The issue regarding error messages when using quotation marks in task descriptions has been resolved.  Now, users may feel free to use quotation marks without fear! You may also notice an increase in sarcasm and super cool code-names among system users; unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on our end to prevent this.

• During the process of moving a child to “Wait List” there was an issue involving non-numerical values (such as “paid”) being entered into the fee field. This was causing data to be lost or inaccurate. With this update, only numerical values will be accepted into this field.

• When editing a new lead, if the location code was too long in any of the fields, it would cause aesthetic issues with the screen. This is now fixed, so you don’t have to worry about having too long of a name or location code.


• The system error that caused “football shaped” photos within email templates have been replaced by circular photos to improve the visual appeal of emails. We hope you aren’t deflated by this change, because that is never our goal, and we promise that your customers will see this as a touchdown!


• The tab “Enrol Prob”, has been changed to “Enroll %” to fix the spelling error and make room for other tabs.

• Location level users will no longer be able to access or run reports based on “Location Groups”. This feature will continue to be accessible to all parties above location level.

• When running the “Tours & Meetings Report”, if “Assigned To,” or “Assigned By” were selected, along with any of the checkboxes in the right column, the report would cease to function. Not to worry, we gave it a coffee, fixed it up, so now the report will function as intended.

• Underneath the “Marketing Reports”, the tabs were wrapping incorrectly. We’ve fixed the bug, and now the tabs are in their right spot!


• We have updated the staff permissions, to be more intuitive. Now, when a user unchecks the header level, all sub-levels will be unchecked as well and vice versa . Check this one off the list!

• We have also organized the preferences screen into more logical categories, based on what each preference pertains to. Because “logic is the beginning of wisdom.” – Spock

• Occasionally, users were experiencing saving problems when editing their organization settings. This has been addressed and information will now save as intended.

• When you’re editing a staff member’s information, who is not assigned to a location or Organization Level, the window malfunctioned and prevented you from being able to save the information. Now when editing a staff member, a popup will prompt you to enter a location for said staff member. Before this fix, if a user’s location was deleted, editing the user caused malfunctions.

• Before when editing a location, if any of the text in the fields was too long, the text would not wrap, or it would get cut off. Now, the text will wrap, regardless of length. This fix is our specially wrapped gift for you!

• If you had a Corporate Special Employer with an apostrophe in their name, and tried to add a location, an error occurred and excluded the selected special employer from the list. Now, you can add all the apostrophes you want – but don’t go crazy!

• Before this update, the text in the web forms were centered, making them difficult to read. We have corrected this issue by justifying them to the left (to the left ♫).

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