Alerts are located on the Home page.  They notify staff members within a location whenever certain situations have accrued that require their attention.  They can be found here in your database:

There are six situations that will cause an alert to appear in ChildCareCRM:

1.  Child Status Change within Other Location - This alert notifies you that the status of a child with multiple locations of interest has been changed to either Enrolled or Lost Opportunity at one of the other locations of interest, so that you may make a corresponding change to the child’s status at your location.

2.  Failed Email – This alert notifies you that an email has not successfully been sent from the ChildCareCRM email server. This only applies to invalid, missing, and/or incomplete email addresses. Alerts are not provided for valid email addresses that are successfully sent by the ChildCareCRM email server but fail to get delivered to the recipient for whatever reason. Notifications for these types of emails are addressed in the Email Delivery report. A list of email statuses can be found here.

3.  Expected Start Date Passed and Child is not Enrolled - This alert notifies you when a child’s expected start date has passed so that you can either change the date or update the child’s status.  This applies only to active opportunities.  Wait Listed, Enrolled or Lost Opportunities are not affected by this alert.

4.  Child Exceeds Maximum Age to Attend - This alert notifies you when a child has aged out of the program so that you can begin the out-processing procedure.  This alert will not appear if the child’s status is Withdrawn, Lost Opportunity or Rejected.

5. Bounced Email- An alert when an email to a Lead bounces, whether due to spam blocking on the recipients end or other reasons.

6. Business Rule Blank Email Address- An alert when an email associated with a Business Rule is not sent to the lead because of a blank email address.

Note: Keep in mind that clearing the alert functionality is a two-step process:

1.  First, you must resolve the situation that has caused the alert to appear. For example, when a "Past Start Date" alert appears, first either edit the Child's expected start date to a future date, or move the child into Enrolled (Started) or Lost Opportunity status.

2.  Then, once you have made the appropriate updates to the record, you must clear the alert by clicking on the red flag:

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