Pending Leads Introduction/Overview

Childcare CRM has a function that enables an Inquiry from your website to automatically interface with the Childcare CRM system. The inquiries will show up on your Home screen under the Pending Leads tab in the middle of your page.


Image 1 shows a sample inquiry form that might be located on your website. We have created a special automated interface to bring the information you want to capture into Childcare CRM. When the lead enters their contact information on the inquiry form and then clicks the send button, the lead/child data is automatically sent to Child Care CRM and an automatic Web Response Thank You email is sent to the lead. The lead's data will be waiting for you in the Pending Leads tab of your Home page.


When you login to the system, your Home page will automatically default to the Pending Leads tab if there are any pending leads waiting for you to accept or decline. If there are no pending leads waiting, your Home page will default to My Tasks as it does now. 

Is It a Valid Lead or Spam?

When you are viewing the Pending Leads tab of the Home page, you may hover over each lead with your mouse and a mini pop-up will show you the phone number and email address of that person. You should be able to quickly tell whether or not this Pending Lead is a valid lead or spam. Spam leads often have bogus phone numbers and email addresses. Once you have made a decision about the validity of the lead, simply click on the green check mark to Accept the Pending Lead or click on the red slash circle to Reject the Pending Lead.

If you are still uncertain, you may click on the Lead Name to display the detail view of the record. You can also accept or reject from the Pending lead detail page.

 Accepting Pending Leads

Accepting the Pending Lead will immediately change this lead/child to New Lead status. It will appear on the New Lead screen. You can access it in two different ways:

1.    Click the New Leads bar of the graph on your Home page dashboard.

2.    Click on the New Leads sub-tab above the graph on your Home page dashboard.

Whenever you accept a pending lead, an Inquiry Thank You email is sent automatically and a follow-up phone call task is added and assigned to the location director.

Rejecting Pending Leads

Rejecting the Pending Lead will change the status of this lead/child to Rejected. To access a record in Rejected status, click on the Archive tab then click on the Rejected tab.

 After You're Done

As long as you still have Pending Leads to Process, you will be taken straight to the Pending Leads tab of Home page as soon as you log in. Once you have appropriately Accepted and Rejected all of the records found in the Pending Leads tab, you will be taken to your My Tasks tab on your Home page. Keep in mind that if still have Pending Leads to process and you navigate away from the Pending Leads page, you will not be taken directly to the Pending Leads tab when you return to your home screen, but only after logging out then logging in again.

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