ChildCare CRM Process

The management integration function in Child Care CRM allows you the ability to export parent and child information from Child Care CRM and import that data into Childcare Manager, saving you the time of having to re‐enter this information after the child enrolls.

Activating ChildCareCRM Integration

1. Once Childcare Manager is installed on your computer, go to Options >> UserPreferences >> Internet and Directories.

2.  Select the “Child Care CRM” option and clickthe “Setup” button.

3.  You will need to enter your CCCRM user nameand password and click “Login.”  

4. Nextyou will need to select the school to associate with the center database. 

5. Ifsuccessful, you will receive a new menu item under the Family menu, which willbe named “Import From Child Care CRM.”

ChildCare CRM Process

When achild record is changed from “Contacted,” “New Lead,” Tour Scheduled,” or “TourCompleted” status to either “Registered” or “Wait List” status (and the exportfunction is enabled in your system) the export process is activated.


Export Process for Registered Status

1. Clickinto a child’s record 

2.  Use the Edit button at the top right of theModify Child page.

3.  Change the Status to Registered.

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