A function in Child Care CRM allows you the ability to export parent and child information from Child Care CRM and import that information into School Leader (version 9.1 or later), saving you the time of having to re-enter it.

Activation Process

1.      Contact School Leader Customer Service to request activation of Childcare CRM integration in School Leader (version 9.1 or later).

2.      Submit Support Ticket in Help section of Child Care CRM, notifying us that you have contacted School Leader about integration.

3.      At this point, School Leader (version 9.1 or later) and Child Care CRM will communicate and complete the activation process. Once it is complete, we will notify you that the export feature is ready to use.

Export Process

When a child record is changed from “Contacted,” “New Lead,” Tour Scheduled,” or “Tour Completed” status to either “Registered” or “Wait List” status (and the export function is enabled in your system) the export process is activated.

Export Process for Registered Status

1.      Go into a child record and click the Edit button.

2.      Change the Status to Registered:

A popup box will appear. Click “Yes” to export. If you select “No,” the record will not be exported. You may still export this record manually at a later time.

 Check the Past Activities section of the Child record. A record of the export should be noted:

Go to the Home tab:

Click on the Export tab beneath the graph. The tab will show (in parentheses and in red font) the number of records that are actively exporting:

At this point it is ready to be processed in School Leader. Log into School Leader. From the Front-Desk Manager, click on the “Tools” tab and hover over the “Connectors” option. Choose “childcareCRM Connector”:

A popup will appear requesting a user ID and password. Enter the ID and password and click the “Link Now” button:

When the red “Not Linked” notice changes to the green “Link Established” notice, you can choose your CRM Location to link to the school:

Once the correct location has been chosen, click the “Save” button to save your selection and close the popup:

You can now start importing registrations:  Click on CRM (top toolbar), then View New Customer Inquiries. 

13.  Change the inquiries to be from ChildCare CRM (2 places)

14.  Click REFRESH

15.  Now select which families you want to IMPORT into SchoolLeader:

Once imported, now you can quickly turn these inquiries into Students and Guardians.  Click on the green people icon along top toolbar. Select each family one at a time, then click Create Student and Guardian Folders :

Once you have finished importing your data into School Leader, return to CRM and then click into the Export tab on the Home page. The status will have changed from “Pending” to “Processed.” This confirms that the data has been exported to School Leader.

If you hover over that record, you will read a message that reads as follows: 

At this point, click on the Notepad icon. A popup box will appear:

Select the Registered Reason from the pick list.

22.  Enter the Actual Start Date.

23.  Input any additional comments as necessary.

24.  Click on the Save button. The status will read “Waiting.” Every 60 seconds, a batch process moves records from “Waiting” status to “Completed” status if the Actual Start Date is on or before today. If the Actual Start Date is in the future, the export record will stay in “Waiting” status until the Actual Start Date arrives.

Export Process for Wait List Status

  1. The export process for children in Wait List status is very similar to the process for Registered Status. The only difference is the initial popup box that appears which, in this case, allows you to enter additional wait-list information that isn’t necessary when moving a child record into “Registered” status. Once you enter the appropriate wait list information, you may either select “Yes” or “No” in the Export Child to Management System pick list. If you select “No,” the record will not be processed for export. You may still export this record manually at a later time. If you select “Yes,” the export process occurs. After that, the export process is the same as described in the Export Process for Registered Status section:

Manual Export Process

1.  If a child is moved to either “Wait List” or “Registered” status and not exported at that time, you still have the ability to export that record at a later time.

2. To do this, go into the record and view the Child record. At the top right of that View Child popup box, an Export button will be available (highlighted in orange below):

    A popup box will appear:

 To export, select “Yes.” At this point, continue the process as previously described.

5. If you attempt to export a child record that has already been exported, a popup box will appear, letting you know that the child has already been processed:

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