Search: The Search field at the top-right of the screen allows searching for Lead and Child records within the system at your organizational level or below your level. As you begin typing characters into the field, the list will automatically search for available results and display them, while narrowing the choices as you continue to add characters.  The search will not display anything until you have entered at least two characters.  Lead records can be searched by first name, last name, email address or phone number.  Active Leads and Children appear in black text.  Leads and Children that are in an Archive Status (Enrolled, Withdrawn, Lost Opportunity, Rejected) are displayed in red text.  If the name being searched is a Child record, this will be indicated in parenthesis after the name. If the search is being done at management, regional, or corporate levels, then the list will display the location code of where that person is located.

Sub-Tabs: Each sub-tab on the Home page represents one stage of the sales pipeline and clicking on one of these tabs will bring up the list of all the Leads/Children within that Status. If you click on All Statuses, you will get all the Active Leads/Children.An A to Z bar on the top and bottom of the screen filters by last name to make it easier to quickly find someone.

Sales Pipeline Chart: Displays the number of opportunities in your sales pipeline.Clicking on the graph of a specific Status will bring up the list of all the Leads/Children within that Status just like the Sub-Tab will.

Grid Sorting by Column: All grids in the system that are on a main page and do not pop up in windows will allow you to sort on the data in any column by clicking on the column name.Sorting by Expected Start Date allows you to easily identify your best opportunities and to be aware of those that do not have an Expected Start Date.

Mouse-Over Display: Items listed within many grids in the system allow you to see additional detail of a particular item when you hover over it with your mouse.This allows you to see the additional detail without having to click into the item such as on the Task list and items in the Lead History area.

Drill-Down Capability: Within the system, clicking on an item in a grid allows you to drill down into a higher level of detail of that item.For instance, clicking on a Status Tab drills down to the list of Leads/Children with that Status, then clicking on a Lead drills down to the Lead detail with Children and Tasks, and then clicking on a Child or Task brings up that detail.


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