Location Groups are a way to group together centers that are not normally grouped together in the hierarchical structure of your CCCRM database.  If your organizational structure is set up in regions, for instance, and you want to run reports or send group emails for two centers that are not in the same region, then those centers can be grouped together within Location Groups to run reports or send group emails to leads in those centers.

Setting up Location Groups

1. Build the Location Groups:

   a. Go to Settings > System Settings > Pick Lists > Location Groups.
   b. Click "Add Item".
   c. Enter your group (e.g. Underperforming Centers).

   d. Add as many groups as you need.

2. Associate those groups to centers:

   a. Go To Settings > Organization Settings.
   b. Click on the center that you want to associate to a Location Group.
   c. Click on  Manage Groups.
   d. Check the Location Group that you wish to associate that center to.

   e. Click “Save.”

Running Reports with Location Groups

1. Select the report you wish to run.

2. To run by Location Groups, check the “Use Location Groups” checkbox located in the “View Options” section of the report.

3. Select the Location Group you wish to use.

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