First go to your Marketing Tab located at the top of your screen, and click into Email Templates. From there click into an Existing Template or click on Add Email Template. 

From the Email Template Screen click on the Picture Icon that you see within the image below;

Then you’ll see the following pop-up displayed. From there click on the Upload tab at the top of the pop up window:

When you click on the “Upload” tab, you’ll see two buttons named “Choose File” and “Send it to the Server” (see screenshot below).

Click on the “Choose File” option. This will display the files on your computer’s hard drive. Locate the image you want to send to the server.

Once you have selected the image, click on the “Send it to the Server” button (see image below) 

If your upload was successful, you’ll see a message that reads “file uploaded” (see image below):

From here, click on the left tab named “Image Info” (see image below):

Now you can insert the image to your email template. From the Image Info tab click on the “Browse Server” button to display another window that shows you the images you have uploaded. From here double click on the image that you wish to insert into your email template.

Once you have double clicked on the image, it’ll now be displayed within your email template. Here you can resize the template, or add additional attributes to the image. Once you have made your adjustments, click on the “OK” button at the bottom of the pop up window.

Congratulations you have officially uploaded an image to your email templates! At this point you can manipulate the image position within the body of the template to suit your needs.

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