Our new path to impacting one million children is now, officially, underway! In general, this was a bug fix and system clean up release. We've paved the way for a number of future system enhancements by making a number of "under the hood" improvements. The list below outlines some minor, but notable, items. We hope you find these fixes and improvements helpful as we march on to one million!

Removing of Branding Groups

Branding Groups have been removed to prep the system for prep for our launch of Branding. Stay tuned for more info!

Staff Selection List Update

To make it easier when assigning tasks or family/enrollment reps, we've updated all staff members selection list to be alphabetized by the first name.

Text Messaging Update

Previously, you could send a text without a message description, we've added validation to prevent this.

Two-Way Communication Update

When Two-Way Communication is enabled, there were a few instances where the response would not appear in the system but instead the user's inbox. This has been corrected.

After the release of the Big 3, text messages appeared in the system without Two-Way Communication enabled. We've updated the system so that communications only appear when the feature is enabled.

Report Update

When running reports as relative dates, the search results reflect data from current date in time. This has been updated so that the data is pulled from midnight of the selected day and therefore more accurate.

Group Communication Update

When sending group communication using a template, some HTML stylings were ignored, this has been fixed.

Reject Leads Update

We've added validation to the reject lead window so you can be sure to capture the rejection reason.

Lead Screen Update

Session and Program now only appear when enabled in preferences.

If you have questions on implementation of any of these enhancements or fixes, please contact our Customer Success Team either through the chat within your ChildCareCRM system, or by emailing support@childcarecrm.com. For more information on best industry practices, tips and tricks, and more, check out our blog at www.childcarecrm.com/blog.

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