What’s Improved

Home Page: Tasks 

From many of you, especially organizations with many incomplete tasks, we heard that the wait-time for the home page was downright painful. We listened and made the following changes: 

  • The “Tasks” tab on the Home Page will now load faster, no matter how many tasks you have (so load it up!). 
  • While the system is processing your request, you will now notice a loading spinner instead of the former empty white space. 
  • When using the search box for tasks, we still have to dig through all of your records to find the right one(s). So please be patient while we search. 

Our team also resolved 36 bugs during the last two weeks! We’re committed to addressing the rest of the known bugs as soon as possible. If you have encountered a bug, please contact customer success at support@childcarecrm.com to let us know!

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