We have some new updates!

The Good:

  • You’re short on time. We get it. That’s why we’ve sped up the “Pending Leads” tab on the home page. 
  • You will also see a loading spinner as the system processes your request.

The Better:

  • Improvements to “Staff Usage” have made the report run faster. Now with the extra time, you’ll be able to close your eyes for two minutes before getting back to your kids. 
  • Gone are the confusing “Replied From” days on the home page Communications tab—now it’s smooth sailing with “Replied To”. 

The Best:

  • Our new “Notify Director” option in Group Communication allows Directors to know when group messages are sent to parents. There will be a box to select when sending a group email or text. If this is checked, we will send an email to the Director that summarizes the message along with the names of all the parents who received it. 
  • Directors will receive this email before parents receive the actual group communication. 

As always, our team is dedicated to making your CRM experience as seamless as possible. During the past weeks, we have resolved many bugs. If you have encountered a problem, please contact Customer Service at support@childcarecrm.com to let us know

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