What You Really Want To Know…

  • You can now disable/enable business rules for any location from the corporate level. All you have to do is go to the “Status” section of the business rule and toggle the switch on or off. Easy, right?

What You Should Know…

  • Email and text templates have had a face lift. There is now a merge variable that (if you decide to include) will send users to Google Maps to view your location. Make sure your address is up-to-date by heading to Locations under Organization Settings.
  • Scheduling tasks outside of your location’s business hours? We’ll share a new warning pop-up that asks you to confirm your actions. 

You Will Be Happy To Know...

The (dearly missed) green check mark to complete tasks on the Home page is back! Now you can easily complete a task directly from the Home screen by clicking the green check mark or you can, review the lead’s data by clicking on the lead’s name. 

Bonuses To Know…

  • Need to adjust task assignments? We’ve made it possible to reassign a user’s tasks to any other user.
  • Finding a specific task or lead name is even faster now (woohoo)!
  • If your organization has enabled “Quick Location Search”, you can now search with the location name OR location code.
  • The Tour and Meeting widget now shows scheduled events in the location’s time zone, rather than in the currently logged in user’s time zone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Success at support@childcarecrm.com to let us know.

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