What’s Improved:

  •  Refreshed User Interface!You have been asking for a more spacious interface that is easier on the eyes yet works the same way, and now you have it!We are delighted to reveal our update.
  • The content area is now more than 30% wider, reducing the amount of wasted space and providing ample room for data.
  • Gradient colors and beveled appearances have been flattened to create a more contemporary appearance.
  • The header is larger with icons for switching locations and logging out
  • Buttons have been upsized to make the preferred choice clearer and easier to find. 
  • Button background colors are used to help guide your actions (e.g., green for Save/Continue, red for Delete/Reject and clear/white for Cancel).
  • We removed duplicated buttons. Actions like “Close” and “Add” will remain at the top of the window while actions like Save, Delete, and Cancel will appear at the bottom.
  • Always accompanied by tool tips and explanations, icons have been updated and their use expanded throughout for quicker navigation.A key to all of the icons can be found here

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