This topic is directly related to working with Email Templates and Merge Fields (a.k.a. Email/Text Variables).  Please review these topics before proceeding if you are not already familiar with them.

The Email Templates screen offers Variables (a.k.a. Merge Fields) (Arrow #1, below) which you can use to customize your automated emails.  You’ll see four (or more) LocMergeField fields in the alphabetical list of Variables (Arrow #2, below):

Figure 1 Edit Email Templates Screen 

Other variables in your list generally already have values.However, unless/until someone in your location assigns them a value, the LocMergeField variables have no values. Their purpose is to give you additional flexibility by letting you give them the values you want.

You can assign URL’s or almost any other text value you want to these variables. To assign a value, select Settings > Organization Settings > Locations > [Your Location] > Merge Fields .  The following window appears:

Figure 2 Merge Fields Screen (to assign values to LocMergeField variables) 

If someone has already assigned a value to one of these variables, it will appear here (for example, “Merge Field 1” above).  If a variable does not yet have a value, it will show an empty text box (for example, “Merge Field 2”, “Merge Field 3” and “Merge Field 4” above).

To assign or change a value, simply type the value desired into one of the text boxes provided.  Whatever you type under Merge Field 1 will appear in any template that uses the LocMergeField1 variable, whatever is put under Merge Field 2 will appear when the LocMergeField2 variable is used, etc. 

If your organization has multiple locations, your values will only apply to your location.

Warning: if you change an existing value, you will change what appears on every existing template that uses that LocMergeField.  This is great if you need to correct an error or update information.  But use a new Merge Field if you want a new value for a new template.

Need more Merge Fields?  Click “Add New Merge Field” (Arrow #1, above).  Note that while you only assign values for your location, you add new fields for your entire organization.  If one location adds two new fields to the four fields already present, your entire organization will see six Merge Fields. That is okay; create as many fields as you need whenever you need them.

Once you are done adding or updating values, click the SAVE button (Arrow #2, above).  Please note that there is no way to reduce the number of Merge Fields after the SAVE button has been pressed.  A pop-up window will appear to remind you of this fact.

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