Unlimited Location Merge Fields

Settings > Organization Settings > Locations > [Choose Location] > Merge Fields 

We have added a new “Merge Fields” tab to the View Locations screen!

Email templates can use Variables (aka “Merge Fields”) that allow you to customize parts of your message with information from the CRM.  For example, automated emails can be set up to include parent names and location addresses.  Additionally, there are “LocMergeField” variables that can be populated with URL’s or nearly any other text desired.  Originally, four such user-defined Merge Fields were provided under the “Info” tab for each location to use however wanted.

Based on valued customer feedback, the screen used to assign LocMergeField values (now under its own “Merge Fields” tab) features the ability to add an unlimited number of Merge Fields by clicking the “Add New Merge Field” link as needed: 

Figure 1 Merge Fields Tab 

Please note that while each location can enter whatever they want into each field, the total number of available fields is the same across the organization—if one location adds two new fields to the four already provided, all locations will have six fields they can populate or ignore as desired.

Once a new Merge Field is created and saved, it cannot be deleted. If one location creates three dozen new “LocMergeField” fields, all three dozen will appear across your organization.  A notification reminds users of this:

Figure 2 Pop-up Reminder 

To learn more about “Location Merge Fields”: http://educate.childcarecrm.com/en/articles/3190115-location-merge-fields

Greatly Expanded API

API stands for Application Programming Interface.  API’s allow applications from different companies to send and receive content or information back and forth.  For example, when you see a YouTube video in a non-YouTube website, that website got that video by using YouTube’s API.

We have developed an entirely new and modern API to better support integrations between ChildCareCRM and other software such as management systems, parent engagement tools and more.  We will share more information about our new API in future release notes.

Run Log Error & Enhancement

Reports > My Reports > Run Log 

The “Run Log” page displays scheduled reports that have finished running.  Organizations with several scheduled reports and large data sets may have experienced errors or significant lag when loading the “Run Log” page.  This page now loads without size-related lags or errors.

Figure 3 Run Log 

To learn more about “Run Logs”:  http://educate.childcarecrm.com/en/articles/839361-logs

Trend Tracking Report Enhancement

Reports > Statistics > Trend Tracking

The “Trend Tracking” report allows you to analyze trends within your data for statuses, inquiry types, lead sources and marketing campaigns.  Organizations with large data sets may have experienced a significant lag when running the “Trend Tracking” report.  This page now generates much more quickly for large data sets.

Figure 4 Trend Tracking Report Options 

To learn more about “Trend Tracking” reports:  http://educate.childcarecrm.com/en/articles/496275-trend-tracking

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