Columns Added to “Rejected Reasons Report”

Reports > Archive > Rejected Reasons

By customer request, to align the detailed report with the input screen, the “Rejected Reasons Report” now includes three additional columns, providing more information to users:

  • Inquiry Type
  • Lead Source
  • Marketing Campaign

Web Forms and Multiple Locations 

Web multi-forms can now be associated with a specific location, so the lead filling them out no longer needs to select a location from a drop-down menu.

The location can be passed as a parameter to the form URL.  Please contact Customer Success if you need more information.


  • On Settings > Organization Settings > Locations > [Any Location], editing the “Info” tab no longer resets the “Setup” tab.
  • Various issues with text/email/group communications have been resolved and no longer result in an error message.
  • Tasks can be completed using notifications received via Outlook without an error notification.

An issue preventing inbound communication notifications has been fixed.

If you are interested in reading about Quick Communication please click the following link - http://educate.childcarecrm.com/en/articles/3345151-quick-communication

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