Announcing two great new features our users have been asking for: Self-Scheduled Tours and the Tour Kiosk!


Scheduling, administering and conducting tours is one of the most important activities influencing childcare center success, and one of the most time-consuming. To supercharge this process, ChildCareCRM is delighted to announce Self-Scheduled Tours and the Tour Kiosk. These two powerful new features will help your childcare business capture more web leads while reducing the time staff spend on administration, allowing better focus on the tours themselves. Neither feature depends on the other, but used together, they provide leads and staff with a seamless, streamlined experience and enhance your childcare center’s brand.

Self-Scheduled Tours

Self-Scheduled Tours is the most requested feature from ChildCareCRM’s customers. Enabling parents and guardians to self-select tour times on the spot regardless of what time of day or night they are viewing your center’s website encourages touring. With just a few intuitive clicks it’s done – no waiting until the center is open and someone answers the phone, no phone tag, and no waiting on an email or web form to be read and replied to. Interested families who self-schedule tours enter ChildCareCRM at the Tour Scheduled status, eliminating the work associated with earlier statuses. Notifications, reminders, and Business Rules handle the rest.


  • Contact ChildCareCRM to enable this feature and to help you set it up according to best practices. Email / or use the chat feature for this.
  • You control tour availability and automatic communications through a settings wizard and calendar.
  • ChildCareCRM creates the embed code and a URL link right in the system for your website. 
  • You determine who can modify tour availability in System Privileges.
  • Self-Scheduled leads enter CRM at Tour Scheduled status (or Pending if potentially duplicate).
  • Self-scheduled leads are associated with a corresponding inquiry source for this method of scheduling to enable reports.
  • Leads complete their own information form and arrive at your center.

Setup Wizard Confirmation Page 

Click here for complete information. 

Tour Kiosk

Tour Kiosk is an extension of our kiosk form and is ideally suited for a tablet environment. On any web-enabled tablet device using the Chrome browser, center staff are provided an attractively formatted list of the day’s tours with tour times and lead/child information. Touch a button to indicate lead arrival and their kiosk form appears ready for them to add more information or to correct or confirm what is already there. Another button shows a Tour Sheet with lead and child information to accompany the tour guide. Another button allows for completion of the tour task in CRM on the tablet by keying in relevant comments and saving. It’s that simple!


  • Set up a kiosk form (`Settings > Forms > Add Kiosk Form`) if you haven’t already.
  • On your tablet, log into ChildCareCRM and access Today’s Tours from a new icon in the header or on the Tour and Meeting Schedule widget.
  • The ChildCareCRM logo on Today’s Tours takes you back to the Home screen.
  • On Today’s Tours, completed tours have a gray background, in-process tours have green, and upcoming tours have buff.
  • From Today’s Tours, you can pull up the associated kiosk form for the lead by touching “Here.”
  • “Complete” or “No Show” pulls up a simplified task completion screen. The results feed into ChildCareCRM.
  • Current information about the lead and child is viewable by touching Tour Sheet.
  • Unscheduled Tour opens a window to: bring up a blank form for a new lead to complete / OR search for an existing lead and bring up a completed form to review / OR schedule a tour in the future.

Try your new Tour Kiosk today! Click here for complete information.

Click here for complete information.


Tour & Meeting Schedule Calendar Enhancements

Home tab

The date coloration on the Tour & Meeting Calendar has evolved. 

Previously, the calendar showed bold orange dates for any date with tours or meetings scheduled.

Now, the calendar applies colors as follows:

  • Bold Blue: past dates (or the current date) where all tours and meetings have been updated with a result.
  • Bold Orange: any date with at least one tour or meeting that hasn’t been updated with a result. Orange dates in the future are expected. Orange dates in the past indicate records needing to be updated.
  • Uncolored (i.e. black): any date with no tours or meetings scheduled.

In addition, when you click on a date with tours or meetings, you’ll see colored text in the resulting page as well:

  • Red text with a ☹: tours or meetings updated with a “Not Completed” result.
  • Green text with a 😊: tours or meetings updated with a “Completed” result.
  • Black text: tours or meetings still waiting to be updated with a result.

More Data on the Scheduled Task Report

Reports > Leads > Scheduled Tasks

To better help managers and others understand what changes have been made to scheduled tasks, the following columns have been added to the Scheduled Tasks Report’s detailed view:

  • Original Due Date
  • Cancelled By
  • Modified By
  • Modified Date

Address Fields Are Now Mandatory on the “View Location” Screen’s “Info” Tab

Settings > Organizational Settings > Locations > [Pick a Location] > Info Tab

Address, City, State/Province, and Zip/Post Code fields are now mandatory. 

We also noticed the State/Province field had wandered off from the group and it’s been corralled back to its proper place. 

Miscellaneous Enhancement

Please Read Below:

Pending Leads that come into your system without a lead source will be assigned to your default lead source, if there is one.

To see or change your default lead source, click Settings > System Settings > Pick Lists > Lead Source. There is a column of checkboxes you can use to check which lead source you want to use as your default. Don’t check more than one.


Business rules that were supposed to be triggered by custom fields were found to be asleep at the switch. We poked them awake. 

If you have business rules based on custom fields, you might want to run a report to identify which leads don’t have an assigned next task, so that you can assign tasks to each of them so they can keep progressing towards enrollment.

Note: if you don’t do this regularly, you may have numerous leads in your system without a next task that have nothing to do with custom fields. Each lead is potential revenue—assign a task for each so they continue to progress towards enrollment or your wait list!

Step 1: Click Reports > Opportunities > Current Opportunities.

Step 2: Set your date range for the last two months (or a different value if you want).

Step 3: Check the “Only Show Leads Without a Next Task” checkbox.

Step 4: Leave everything else as-is and run the report.

Step 5: Click each lead in the report and add a task for each.

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