Lead:  An adult interested in your services for one or more Children. Most Leads are a parent or guardian of a Child.
 A Child is a precious little human being worthy of love and care. In the childcare business, a Child is also an opportunity to earn money (revenue). Three Children are three opportunities.
In ChildCareCRM, a Lead can have one or more Children, or no Child (if they haven’t given you any Child information yet). In ChildCareCRM you must enter the Lead before you can enter the Child. ChildCareCRM does not approve of unaccompanied minors.
Any adult other than the Lead that has responsibility for a Child.
In ChildCareCRM, a Lead can have additional Contacts. If mom is the Lead, dad could be an additional Contact.
A chance for your business to earn revenue. A Lead with two Children represents two Opportunities because there are two chances to collect fees/tuition. A Lead that hasn’t given any Child information yet is still an Opportunity, because we assume they have at least one Child to enroll.


Task:  Planned future work related to a specific Lead. Examples: “Confirm and Schedule Tour”, “Phone Call”, “Text”. Some tasks are automated.
Event (aka Activity):  Past interactions with a Lead. Examples: “Called – Left Message”, “Email Received”, “Unscheduled Tour”. 

Status Categories

Active Status:  Stages in the enrollment process.  Active statuses appear in the "Active Opportunity Pipeline" graph on the Home tab.
Archive Status:  What happens after the enrollment process ends.  "Enrolled" is an archive status.

Active Status List

Following are the default statuses and definitions for ChildCareCRM.  This list can be customized so talk with your manager if your Active Opportunity Pipeline has different statuses.

New Lead:  a Lead/Child in your system which has not yet had a back-and-forth communication with anyone at your location.
Engaged:  a Lead/Child has had at least one back-and-forth communication with someone at your location but has not yet scheduled a tour.
Tour Scheduled:  a Lead/Child has scheduled but not yet completed a tour of your location.
Tour Completed:  a Lead/Child has completed a tour but not yet been waitlisted or registered for class.
Wait List:  a Lead/Child wants to attend class and is waiting for an opening.
Registered:  a Lead/Child is signed up to attend a class but has not yet begun attending.

Archive Status List

Enrolled:  A Child has begun and continues to participate in your location's programs.
Withdrawn:  A Child was participating in your location's programs but has ended participation.
Temporary Leave:  A Child has temporarily withdrawn but is scheduled to resume participation.
Lost Opportunity:  A Lead/Child dropped out of the enrollment process before becoming enrolled, for any reason.
Rejected:  The Lead/Child data was invalid, for example a duplicate record or test data.

One More Status

Pending:  Lead/Child data that has entered your system but needs to be approved or rejected because it might be spam.

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