When a Lead provides information through a website or kiosk, they appear in ChildCareCRM as a “Pending Lead”. 

When you log into ChildCareCRM or click the “Home” tab, if you have Pending Leads, ChildCareCRM will automatically show them under the “Active Opportunity Pipeline” chart:

Step 1:  Determine if the Lead is real.

Mouse over the row containing the Lead. A pop-up box will appear showing you the Lead’s phone number and email.

If you need more information, you can click on the row containing the Lead. This will take you to the “View Lead” window, showing you all the info the Lead provided.

Step 2:  Under the “Action” column, accept the Lead by clicking the green checkmark, unless the Lead information isn’t usable. In that case, reject the Lead by clicking the red reject button.  (In the above example, you'd clearly reject Homer Simpson.)

Do the above two steps for each Pending Lead whenever you see them.


If the pending lead is a potential duplicate for a lead already in your system, it will display an orange people icon:

Click the icon.  A window will appear that shows the pending lead on the left and the lead already in your system on the right:

Click Accept Lead if the leads seem like different people or seem like the same person at different locations.  (With the above example, this is the choice you would make.)
Click Reject Lead if the leads seem like the same person, and you want to keep the info on the right and delete the info on the left.
click Merge if you want to create one record that lets you pick and choose line by line which info to keep and which to discard.

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