Whenever someone is interested in maybe enrolling a Child in your company’s programs, that adult is a Lead. Enter every Lead into ChildCareCRM:

Step 1: Enter basic information about the Lead into the Home tab’s “Add New Lead” box. Get phone and email info too—it’s important. Then click “SAVE”.

Step 2: The “Manage Lead” screen will appear with the info you’ve already entered. Fill out as many empty fields as you can. After that:

  • If your information is from an email without Child information, click the “SAVE” button. Skip Step 3; go to Step 4. 
  • If you’re talking with the Lead or the email has Child info, click the “SAVE + ADD CHILD” button.

Step 3: Skip this step if you have no Child info. Otherwise, enter as much info as you can in the “Add Child” screen. After that:

  • If all Children have been entered, click the “SAVE” button. Go to Step 4. 
  • If there are more Children to enter, click the “SAVE + ADD CHILD” button and repeat Step 3.

Step 4:

  • If the Lead is a walk-in, give them a Tour as soon as you’re done entering data. Then follow the “How to Add Tasks & Events” steps to add an Event to add the Tour.
  • If you’re talking to the Lead on the phone, get a Tour scheduled. See “How to Schedule a Tour”.
  • If the Lead is via email, email them back offering to set up a Tour. See “How to Send a Lead an Email”.
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