Step 1: Select the task. There are a few different ways to select the task you want to mark complete: 

Option A 

When you click on the “Home” tab, "Tasks" will appear below the Active Opportunity Pipeline. At the right of each task row is a green "Complete Task" checkmark. Click the checkmark.

Option B 

If you’re working from the “Manage Lead” screen and you complete a task, click the green "Complete Task" checkmark (under “Actions”). 

Option C 

If you’re working from the “View Task” screen and you complete a task, click “Complete Task” in the upper right taskbar.

Step 2:  On the “Complete Task” screen, click on “Result Type” and pick the best option from the drop-down list.

The drop-down list will be organized based on the type of task you're completing, with common-sense choices appearing near the top.  For example, when completing email tasks, you'll see:

If your company uses custom tasks, someone will need to organize your task groups to get this list to work optimally.

Step 3:  Click “SAVE + NEW TASK” to assign the next action needed to process this Lead. For example, if you called and left a voice mail, scheduling another call might be the best next action.

If no new actions are needed, click “SAVE + CLOSE”.

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