Include Self-Scheduled Tour Links in Your Group Communications 

Marketing > Templates > Email Templates > + Add Template

Marketing > Templates > Text Templates > + Add Template

You can now create email and text templates that include a link to your Self-Scheduled Tours form. The link is available as one of the template variables listed on the right of the “Add Template” window and is called “SelfScheduledTourLink”:

When a lead opens the link, a Self-Scheduled Tour form appears, a form which is pre-populated with their information:

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For more about Self-Scheduled Tours, please visit:

Change “From” Name and Email on Group Emails and Email Business Rules.

Marketing > Manage Groups > [“Send Group Communication” Icon] > Step 2

Settings > System Settings > Business Rules > [Select Rule w/ Email] > Business Rule Actions

Users can now send emails on others’ behalf by customizing the email address and name on outbound emails sent via group emails and business rules. (The choices are made by selecting a role in the organization, but the actual name and email of the person or location that fills that role will appear on the outbound email.)

To learn more about group communications, visit:

To learn more about business rules, visit: (text) (webinar)


Default Self-Scheduled Tour Form

Settings > Organization Settings > Forms

If for any reason you have multiple Self-Scheduled Tour forms, you’ll need to be able to tell ChildCareCRM which form to use on your web page and/or Tour Kiosk.

You can now tell the system which form to use by opening the desired form and checking the “Default Form” checkbox:

(If you check this box on multiple forms, or have multiple forms with none checked, ChildCareCRM will use the first form.)

Self-Scheduled Tours (and other Inquiry Types) Added as Filters on Scheduled Tasks, Tasks Past Due, and Tours & Meetings Reports

Reports > Leads > Scheduled Tasks

Reports > Leads > Tasks Past Due

Reports > Leads > Tours & Meetings

You can now run Scheduled Task reports, Tasks Past Due reports and Tours & Meetings reports to only show data for leads who came into your system through Self-Scheduled Tours. 

Do this by finding the “Inquiry Type” field in the report setup page and select “Self Tour”:

This permits you to measure the impact of your Self-Scheduled Tour implementation.

For more about Self-Scheduled Tours, please visit:

Enrollment Team Reporting Enhancements

Reports > Leads > Tasks Past Due

In order to support managers’ ability to assess and coach enrollment team members, you can now run Tasks Past Due reports to only show data for enrollment team members. 

Do this by finding the “Report Type” field and changing it to “Summary” and then check the new “Staff View” checkbox:

Note that you cannot check the “Staff View” checkbox unless the report type is “Summary”. 

This produces a report that shows statistics by enrollment team member:

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Pushing the “None of These - Schedule Tour” Kiosk Button without Self-Scheduled Tours Activated Now Triggers Info Window

Today’s Tours > Unscheduled Tour

If you don’t have Self-Scheduled Tours set up, pushing the “None of These – Schedule Tour” button on the tour kiosk now creates an info window explaining that you need to set up Self-Scheduled Tours in order to schedule future tours on the kiosk:

To learn more about Self-Scheduled Tours, visit

To learn more about the Tour Kiosk, visit

Tour Kiosk Task Screen: Result Description Required Asterisk

Today’s Tours > [Start a Scheduled or Unscheduled Tour] > “Complete” Button

A red asterisk will be placed next to “Result Description” if it is flagged in your system as a required field:

If you want to change whether or not this field is required and your login is set up with the permissions to do so, click Settings > System Settings > Fields > Tasks and check/uncheck the checkbox for “Result Description”. Note that this setting makes this field required/unrequired in both the Kiosk and computer, for tours and other task types as well.


API Leads/Children Can Be Excluded from the Stalled Opportunities Report

Reports > Opportunities > Stalled Opportunities

A new “Exclude Leads/Children from API” checkbox has been added to the Stalled Opportunities report. By default, it will be checked so that (for example) historical data sent via the API will not be included in reports. To include Leads/Children that were added from the API, simply uncheck the box:

  • The redirect option available under client forms now functions correctly.
  • Searches for leads/children by franchise users will no longer show leads/children from outside your franchise organization. (Technical details: users with responsibility over multiple locations can find any lead/child tied to any location they supervise; single-location users can find the same leads/children as the first person above them who has multi-location responsibility.)
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