We’re particularly pleased to announce some big improvements to two-way communication—changes many of you have requested that will help clean up your Communications tab and will help groups work together better. Read on!

Communications Subtab Now Features “Inbox” and “Archive” Functionality

Home > Communications

You’ll find two new icons under the Communications subtab: Inbox & Archive.

Clicking the “Archive” icon will show you messages previously dismissed; clicking the “Inbox” icon will take you back to your unarchived messages.

In addition, archived items have a “Send Message to Inbox” button in case you want to un-archive something:

Users of Group Inboxes Can Now See When Someone Else Read, Replied To or Archived an Email or Text

Home > Communications

We figured you should know if your teammate already responded to an email or text, so you don’t waste your time duplicating their work. Now everyone can see what’s happened with each message: 

If one person reads a message, it shows as read to everyone on the team. If one person replies, everyone sees that too. And if one person archives a message, it’s archived for everyone. So don’t archive it from your Inbox just because your teammate is going to take care of it—you’ll archive it from their Inbox as well. Wait for them to finish and let them archive it. When they archive it, it’ll disappear from your Inbox. Remember: it’s not your Inbox anymore, it’s the group’s Inbox. 

Text Templates Can Be Mass-Copied

Marketing > Templates > Text Templates

You can now mass-copy text templates exactly the same way you can mass-copy email templates:

Enrollment Team Reporting

Reports > Leads > Scheduled Tasks

Reports > Leads > Completed Tasks/Events

Reports > Statistics > Conversion Success

Reports > Statistics > Trend Tracking

In order to support managers’ ability to assess and coach enrollment team members, you can now run Scheduled Tasks reports, Completed Tasks/Events reports, Conversion Success reports and Trend Tracking reports to only show data for enrollment team members. 

Do this by finding the “Show Report Type” field and changing it to “Summary” and then checking the new “Staff View” checkbox. Note that you cannot check the “Staff View” checkbox until the report type is “Summary”. 

This produces a report that shows statistics by enrollment team member:

For more about reports, please visit http://educate.childcarecrm.com/en/collections/164037-reports-tab

The Additional Opportunity Feature Now Places the New Child Record on Top

Did you know that if a Lost Opportunity comes back, you can keep your old history with the old record (so your reporting doesn’t get screwed up) and you can make a new record for the child, saving you data entry hassle? This isn’t a new feature—you can do this by finding the archived child, opening their record and clicking “Additional Opportunity” in the upper right.

What is new is that when you’re done, the new child’s record shows up under the lead’s “Children” section with a red plus:

If you click that red plus, you’ll see the original record, still marked as a lost opportunity, under the new record:

The enhancement here is that you used to see the OLD record first, with the new record hidden under the red plus.

If showing the new record and hiding the old record seems a little more sensible to you, you’re not alone.

  • Family reps weren’t visible on the Enrollment Team interface. They are now visible.
  • An issue with queued reports not showing up in the run log has been fixed.
  • Leads created through Self-Scheduled Tours weren’t getting assigned an Enrollment Team rep. Now they are.

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