ChildCareCRM can be set up to send automated emails (using business rules), for example sending a “thank you for visiting us” email after a tour. ChildCareCRM can also send group emails, for example emailing all parents of enrolled two-year-olds. It can also send manual emails to a single lead.

The following three steps describe how to manually send an email to a single lead.

Step 1: Find the lead. There are several options: 

Option A: 

  • Start typing the child’s name or the lead’s name, phone number or email address in the upper right search bar. 
  • Click the child’s or lead’s name when it appears. 

Option B: If you’re logged into a specific location….

  • On the Home tab, click the “All Active” status tab.
  • Click the lead’s/child’s row in the resulting list.

Option C: If you’re logged into a specific location and know the lead’s/child’s current status…. 

  • On the “Home” tab, either click the lead’s/child’s status tab or click the status column in the “Active Opportunity Pipeline” chart. 
  • Click the lead’s/child’s row in the resulting list.

Step 2: On the “Manage Lead” page, click the green "Send Email" icon next to the lead’s email address.

Note that if the email icon is red it means the lead does not want to receive emails:

Note that if the email icon is an orange envelope with an exclamation mark, it means the lead has opted out of certain communication types:

Mousing over the icon will reveal which communication types have been opted out of. (Step 3B below defines the different communication types):

Step 3: On the “New Message” screen:

A: (Optional) Select a template.

B: If you selected a template, that template's communication type will auto-populate--move to "C" below.  If you are not using a template, select "Marketing" if the purpose of the communication is to pitch your services, "Service" if it is a reminder of an upcoming event, or "General" otherwise.

C: Type/review the “Subject” of the email.

D: Type/review the attachments to the email. Add or remove only if necessary. (For more info, see the “Email Attachments” info box below.)

E: If you want a staff member to receive a copy, select them in the “CC User:” field. If you want to copy a staff member but don’t want the lead to see that the staff member was copied, use “BCC User:” instead. 

F: If the lead has an alternate email address on file and you want to send a copy of the email to their alternate email, check the “CC Alternate Email” box. 

G: If you wish to delay delivery, enter the amount of time you wish to delay the email being sent.

H: Type your message, or review/edit the message the template provided. 

I: Click “Send Message” in the upper right toolbar.

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