Step 1: Find the lead. There are several options: 

Option A: 

  • Start typing the child’s name or the lead’s name, phone number or email address in the upper right search bar. 
  • Click the child’s or lead’s name when it appears. 

Option B: If you’re logged into a specific location….

  • On the Home tab, click the “All Active” status tab.
  • Click the lead’s/child’s row in the resulting list.

Option C: If you’re logged into a specific location and know the lead’s/child’s current status…. 

  • On the “Home” tab, either click the lead’s/child’s status tab or click the status column in the “Active Opportunity Pipeline” chart. 
  • Click the lead’s/child’s row in the resulting list.

Step 2: On the “Manage Lead” screen, click the “Communication” tab. 

Step 3: Click the row of the email or text you want to see. Note that texts are below emails.

Step 4 (Optional): If you have Two-Way Communication and want to reply to an email, you can click “Reply” in the upper right toolbar. (Texts have no “Reply” shortcut; use the steps in “How to Send a lead a Text Message" for directions.)

Click here to learn more about Two-Way Communication.

Email Status List

Bounced – The email cannot be delivered to the recipient. This is something that can happen for various reasons, for example, a mail server error. Typically, when a message is bounced, the person who sent the message will often receive a “return to sender” message explaining why the message was bounced.

Click – The recipient clicked a link that you placed within your email.

Deferred - The recipient never received the message. This is a temporary situation, and that means the email is temporarily stalled and has not been received quite yet. This can happen for various reasons.

Delivered – The email is now sitting in the recipient’s inbox.

Dropped – The email you sent was intentionally dropped by the mailing server for various reasons, and the email never made it to the recipient. The cause of this depends on the nature of the email. For example, emails can be dropped if the mailing server feels your message has a high possibility of being flagged as a spam, or it can be as simple as the recipient's email address being invalid.

Failed – The email you sent never reached its destination. Most of the time it is because a Lead is missing an email address. This could happen for various reasons, but the recipient never received the email.

Open – The email has now been viewed/open by the recipient.

Pending – The email has not yet been delivered and the system is preparing to process your message.

Processed – The email has been processed by the system, and it is now getting ready to go out to the recipient.

Sent – The email has been processed by the system and has now been sent to the recipient.

Spam Report – The recipient has marked your message as spam. The recipient could have clicked into your message and marked it as spam after reading it, or they could have just simply saw the message sitting in their inbox and marked it as spam. Either way, your message was marked as Spam by the recipient.

Unsubscribe – The recipient has clicked “unsubscribe” on your message, or a link on your message which allows the recipient to unsubscribe.

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