Broadly speaking, sending a group communication requires two steps: creating a group of leads (a step you only have to do once for each group) and then sending that group a message (which you can do however often you want).

Step 1: On the “Marketing” tab, “Manage Groups” sub-tab, click “+ Add Group”.

Step 2: On the “Manage Group” page, enter a Group Name, select at least one Applicable Status and select at least one Applicable Age Group. 

Step 3: Then select any other options that will identify the leads you want to contact. 

(Note: it is okay to leave fields blank; blank fields are simply ignored when ChildCareCRM is identifying leads to be in your group.)

Step 4: Click the “SAVE” button at the bottom of the screen.

(In the example below, a director wants to email new location hours to every lead who was a lost opportunity due to the center’s hours--i.e. the Lost Opportunity Reason was “Hours Open”.)

(The examples below focus on group emails, but during Step 3 below you can select texts, tasks, etc.)

Step 1: On the “Marketing” tab, “Manage Group” sub-tab, click the green "Send Group Communication" icon for the group you want to communicate with:

Step 2 (Optional):  If this communication is part of a marketing campaign, select the campaign.  

Step 3 (Required):  Select the type of communication you want to send out.

The screen will change based on the type of communication method you choose.
Step 4:  Fill out the form that appears.  For example:

A (Optional): Select an email template. 

B: Enter or review/edit the “Subject” of the email. 

C: If you want to copy emails to leads’ alternate email addresses, check the box.

D: If you selected a template, that template's communication type will auto-populate--move to "E" below.  If you are not using a template, select "Marketing" if the purpose of the communication is to pitch your services, "Service" if it is a reminder of an upcoming event, or "General" otherwise.

E: If you want to notify your Director when this email goes out, check the box.

F: Add, review or remove attachments as necessary.

G: Enter the date and time you want the email to be sent. Make sure you select a point in the future, not the past.

H: Select who should get any replies.

I & J: Decide who the email should be from (as far as what the leads will see in their email box).

K: Type or review/edit the message to the group members. 

Step 5 (Optional): If you would like to preview the leads that will receive your communication, click "PREVIEW LEADS".  

Click "NEXT" to proceed.

Step 6:  If everything looks correct on the confirmation page, click the blue button to send your communication:

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