ChildCareCRM helps you move leads and children through the enrollment process, but after that your leads and children need to be in Procare.  Fortunately, you don’t have to enter the same information twice—you can save time and reduce errors by exporting data directly from ChildCareCRM to Procare.

After the initial setup, exporting is as easy as A - B - C:

     A) In ChildCareCRM, change the child’s status to Wait List or Registered—this triggers the export.

     B) In Procare, accept the data.

     C) In ChildCareCRM, update the child’s status to Enrolled when appropriate.

In Procare, click Procare Home > Utilities > Procare Extras.  If you see "Child Care CRM" in the resulting list, then you're already set up--skip down to the next section.

If you don't see it listed, visit and follow the steps under "Download the ChildCareCRM Extra" and "First Time Setup - Log In and Map Locations".

Step 1: Find the child. There are several options: 

Option A: 

  • Start typing the child’s name or the lead’s name, phone number or email address in the upper right search bar. 
  • Click the child’s or lead’s name when it appears. 

Option B: If you’re logged into a specific location….

  • On the Home tab, click the “All Active” status tab.
  • Click the lead’s/child’s row in the resulting list.

Option C: If you’re logged into a specific location and know the lead’s/child’s current status…. 

  • On the “Home” tab, either click the lead’s/child’s status tab or click the status column in the “Active Opportunity Pipeline” chart. 
  • Click the lead’s/child’s row in the resulting list.

Step 2:  On the “Manage Lead” screen under “Children”, click the row containing the child whose data is to be exported:

Step 3:  On the “View Child” screen, click “Edit”:

Step 4:  Change the child’s status to either “Wait List” or “Registered”.

Step 5:  Fill out whichever “Status Change Alert” window appears.  The red-asterisk fields are required.  Mark “Yes” for “Export Child to Management System”.

After clicking “SAVE”, you’ll see the child’s new status on the Manage Lead screen:

Step 6 (optional):  Click Home > Export.  You’ll see the child in Pending status:

Log into Procare and follow the steps documented in under the "Import Families and Children to Procare" section.

Step 1:  Minimize or close Procare and go back to ChildCareCRM.  Refresh the browser window and then click on the “Export” tab. The child you’ve been working on is now in “Processed” status:

IMPORTANT:  If you exported a waitlisted child, do not do the following steps until the child is enrolled.

Step 2:  Click anywhere on the row to go to the Manage Lead window and then click the child record (Step A2 above).  Then click “Edit” (Step A3 above).

Step 3:  Change the child’s status to Enrolled:

Step 4:  Fill out the “Status Change Alert” window that appears.  The red-asterisk fields are required.

Once you’ve clicked the “SAVE” button, you are done.  You’ll see the child’s status has been updated on the Manage Lead screen and the child’s record no longer appears under the Home screen’s “Export” tab.

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