Please note that creating custom tasks and custom results (discussed in the linked article) and reorganizing task groups (discussed below) are system-wide changes that affect all of your organization's users.

When completing a task, ChildCareCRM organizes the drop-down menu for "Result Type" according to the type of task you are completing.  For example, if you're completing an email task, your "Result Type" options now appear with email-related results at the top:

However, if you create custom task activities (using Settings > System Settings > Pick Lists > Event/Task Activity) you will find that your custom tasks don't have preferred result types when you complete a task.  In addition, all your custom tasks will appear under the "Other" group on the mobile app, which might not make sense.

Similarly, if you create custom task results (using Settings > System Settings > Pick Lists > Event/Task Result Type) you will find that the custom results don't show up on any task's preferred result types.

You can easily fix this:

Step 1: Click Settings > System Settings > Task Groups.

The Task Groups window will appear, with one box for each group:

Each of those boxes has two parts--a grey field for "Task Types" on top, and a grey box for "Task Results" underneath:

Your custom tasks and your custom results will appear in the "Other" group in the lower right.

Step 2: (Optional) To move a custom task type from the "Other" group to another group, click and drag the task from the “Other” group to whichever group you want, releasing it in the grey "Task Types" field (which turns yellow when it's ready to for you to drop the task).
For example, if you created a "Phone Call Follow-Up" task, you would probably want to drag it to the Phone group:

Step 3: (Optional) To make a custom task result one of the Preferred Result Types for a task group, find the group you want to add it to and click inside the grey "Task Results" box.  A drop-down will appear showing all your options.  Find the task result you want and click it.  It will appear with the other result types in that group.

That's it.  There is no "Save" button because the changes you make in Steps 2 and 3 are saved instantly and automatically.

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