General Interest

  • When completing tasks, the “Result Type” drop-down is now tailored to the task type to eliminate searching and scrolling. For example, when completing an email task, the appropriate options for “Email” tasks are at the top of the drop down. (Click here, Step 2, to see it. Important: If your organization has custom variations on tasks or task results, an additional step is required to optimize this enhancement.)  
  • ChildCareCRM mobile app documentation is available here, including links to download it to your phone or tablet.

Marketing Enhancements

  • ChildCareCRM matches, passes, and tracks UTM parameters to help you better understand how your web leads are finding you and to open new opportunities with Google Analytics. (Click here to learn more about using this easy but powerful tool that has become one of the pillars of contemporary digital marketing.)
  • Multiple marketing campaigns can be held on each lead record to better demonstrate the impact of your combined marketing efforts. (Click here and look at step 2A under Applying a Marketing Campaign (Manually), to see it.)
  • You can associate marketing campaigns to Group Communications to help you track results from more touch points. (Click here, Step 2A, under “How to Send Group Communications, to see it.)


  • The “CANCEL” button that appears when reports run now works faster.

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