We've released a few more changes that weren't included in the last set of release notes:


  • A new “Text Delivery” report for sent text messages mirroring the “Email Delivery” report is now available. Click here to learn more. 
  • You can now assign different templates to different Client Forms for your “Thank you” emails. Click here to explore this new functionality, paying special attention to Step B under “ADD A NEW MAPPED VARIABLE” and especially the “USING SUBMISSION EMAILS” section. 


  • The <SelfScheduledTourLink> merge variable now functions as intended.
  • When a zip code is typed into the Location Details Widget, the resulting Location Details window will initially only show the Map tab until a specific location is selected. This is intentional because we cannot provide accurate information on the other tabs until after a location has been selected. (Note this only affects enrollment team users.)
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