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ChildCareCRM™ Enrollment Centers Overview

Enrollment Centers is a powerful enterprise feature set used within ChildCareCRM that allows Enrollment Teams in call centers to receive and action tasks, access center level information, and manage Leads and the family enrollment journey through the pipeline and across multiple locations from a centralized location. Team members action tasks in ChildCareCRM in much the same fashion as before. However, a special interface (“Location Details”) supports authentic, efficient conversations with Leads. Other interfaces determine the information that appears in Location Details. This feature helps organizations create a start to their parent enrollment journey based on positive relationship building. 

Creating visibility to field level information is the result of several system components working together- namely the Enrollment Team and call centers functionality. Both pieces must be individually enabled to achieve the full scope of these features. 

Before activating Enrollment Centers, it is important to identify the roles and responsibilities of the Enrollment Team within an organization. Enrollment Centers within the ChildCareCRM system will operate at a higher level than a location level user. Therefore, ChildCareCRM recommends reading this user document thoroughly and making key decisions about which staff member roles before beginning setup.

Enrollment Centers Process

Settings > Extra Settings > Call Centers 

Contact ChildCareCRM’s Customer Success Team either through the chat feature within ChildCareCRM, or by emailing support@childcarecrm.com or support@childcarecrm.com.au (depending on your country) or through your chat feature found on the home page to request activation of the Enrollment Center feature set. 

You will know it has been enabled when you see Enrollment Center information in the Extra Settings area of the Settings tab (Fig. 1).

Settings > Organizational Settings > Preferences > Enable Enrollment Team Functionality

The database administrator first enables Enrollment Team in Preferences by selecting Edit and then making the appropriate selection (Fig. 2).

Step 2: Set Up Enrollment Team - Settings
Settings > System Settings > Enrollment Team> Edit

On this screen (Fig. 3), administrators

  • name the Enrollment Team (it is acceptable to call them the Enrollment Team)
  • specify the enrollment rep for newly added Leads:

        Enrollment Team Feature Settings Assign Staff

        Settings > System Settings > Enrollment Team  

Specify here who on the Enrollment Team manages newly added Leads. Options are “The Rep Who Added the Lead” or “The Rep for The Location” or “The Enrollment Team.” Selecting “The Enrollment Team” allows any member of the team to manage the Lead. 

Also specify here the type of tasks that non-corporate level staff can assign the Enrollment Team. 

Choose which task types non-corporate staff can assign to the Enrollment Team (Fig. 4).

Input email merge variables for communication from the Enrollment Team (Fig. 5).

Settings > Staff Settings > Staff Information > View Staff Member Properties > Edit > Enrollment Team Member
Settings > Staff Settings > Staff Information > Add Staff Member > Enrollment Team Member

The purpose of Enrollment Teams is to manage Leads through the pipeline across multiple locations. Setup is facilitated by gathering notes first about the current Enrollment Team and how each staff member is involved. To assign a staff member to the Enrollment Team, go to the individual staff member’s properties screen found under the Staff Information tab within Staff Settings. Check Enrollment Team Member if the staff member is on the Enrollment Team (Fig. 6). 

Add new staff members to the Enrollment Team, if desired, on Add Staff Member screen (Fig. 7).

Do the above for each Staff member on the Enrollment Team.

Step 3: Assign Staff – Update Staff Permissions
Settings > Staff Settings > System Privileges > [Select Staff] 

Each member of the Enrollment Team also needs their permissions adjusted to permit them to perform certain job functions. 

For each member, navigate to their System Privileges and check the “Call Center Location Data” and “Modify Enrollment Team Assigned Tasks” check boxes (fig. 8).

Step 3: Assign Staff - Assign Enrollment Team Representatives to Locations

Settings > Organization Settings > Locations > Info > Edit > Enrollment Team Rep (or Rep for Assigned Name of Enrollment Team) 

Assign an Enrollment Team Representative to each location within Location Settings under Locations in Organization Settings. To assign one member of an Enrollment Team a specific location’s tasks by default, designate that person as Enrollment Representative under that location. To enable anyone on an Enrollment Team to work on any task, regardless of location, do not assign an Enrollment Representative to that location

To add a rep to the team, go to the location’s settings, and a drop down for Enrollment Rep will appear under Default Admin. In the drop down will be a list of Enrollment Team members from which the Enrollment Team Representative for the location can be chosen (Fig. 9).

Settings > System Settings > Business Rules > [Choose Rule] > Add Action > Staff Notification > Send To

Modify Business Rules so all Enrollment Team Tasks are either automated to a specific representative at a location or to the entire Enrollment Team. If the tasks are automated by location, then the location representative will be automatically assigned those location specific tasks. However, if the tasks are automated to the “Enrollment Team”, then any task from any location is available for any Enrollment Team member to pick up from the task tab on the home screen (Figs. 10 & 11). 

The second of two major components of Enrollment Centers is Call Centers; it shows information at a glance about contact information, operating hours, rates, availability, offerings, and other details that equips call center staff to have authentic, informed conversations with Leads. Call Centers has three parts. 

  • The first part is a Call Centers setup screen in Extra Settings that allows those with appropriate Call Centers privileges to define and structure the information for call center staff. 
  • The second is a Location Data Entry screen that allows input according to what was defined during Call Centers setup. 
  • The third is a Location Details widget that allows call center staff to select a location and have all relevant information at a glance. 

ChildCareCRM Customer Success must first enable Call Centers for customers who also have Enrollment Teams enabled. Once enabled, setup can be completed on the Extra Settings tab (Settings > Extra Settings > Call Centers). 

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Extra Settings

Call Centers settings consists of four parts: 

  1. Offerings
  2. Details
  3. Manage Advisories
  4. Rates

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Extra Settings, Offerings 

Settings > Extra Settings > Call Centers > Offerings 

Offerings includes Offerings Groups to define and organize offerings. For example, one Offerings Group might be defined as “services” by the organization and might include diapers, snacks, and lunch. Users may edit Offerings Groups and Offerings by clicking a green plus sign to add an item immediately below, clicking a red minus sign to delete, and dragging and dropping to reorder (Figs. 12 & 13). (See also Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Offerings.)

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Extra Settings, Details

Settings > Extra Settings > Call Centers > Details 

Details can include any other details the organization feels are appropriate. The details are each labelled with a title. These editable fields can be added by clicking the green plus sign, deleted by clicking the red minus sign, and reordered by dragging and dropping (Fig. 14). (See also Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Details.)

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Extra Settings, Manage Advisories
Settings > Extra Settings > Call Centers > Manage Advisories 

Manage Advisories allows the organization to post advisories for specific locations which appear to call center staff. Advisories are a helpful way to indicate things like unexpected closures, locations still under development, or emergency notes (Figs. 15 & 16). 

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Extra Settings, Rates

Settings > Extra Settings > Call Centers > Rates

Rates accommodates up to five user-definable rate types (Fig. 17). (See also Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Rates.)

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry
Header > Location Data Entry 

Location Data Entry, the second component of Call Centers, is accessed through a “schoolhouse” icon that appears in the ChildCareCRM header when this feature is enabled (Fig. 18). A specific location first must be chosen in the location switcher, then details specific to that location will appear and can be edited in the Location Data Entry screen. Clicking on the schoolhouse icon opens a popup with five parts: Info, Rates, Availability, Offerings, Details.

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Info 

Header > Location Data Entry > Info 

Info includes contact information, center staff, operating days and hours, and capacity (Fig. 19). This information pulls from and should be edited in the location details screen. If individual center locations are updating/editing this information instruction should be included around communication of needed updates. 

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Rates 

Header > Location Data Entry > Rates 

Rates permits up to five entries and the uploading of a PDF with rates and fees. A field also exists for pricing exceptions (Fig. 20). (See also Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Extra Settings, Rates.)

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Availability
Header > Location Data Entry > Availability 

Availability indicates number of open seats by class, day, and AM/PM (Fig. 21).

*Please not this information is presently independent of the information that is manually updated in your classroom openings widget. Once utilized it is a best practice to disable the classroom openings widget so that information is funneled and updated in one place. 

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Offerings
Header > Location Data Entry > Offerings 

Offerings corresponds to the Offerings tab in Call Centers settings and permits entry of checkmarks to indicate which items are included in the price (Fig. 22). No checkmark indicates that the item is not available at that location. (See also Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Extra Settings, Offerings.)

Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Details
Header > Location Data Entry > Details 

Details corresponds to the Details tab in Call Centers settings and allows for location-specific information to be entered under each item (Fig. 23). (See also Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Extra Settings, Details.)

Home > Location Details Widget 

The third component of Call Centers is the Location Details widget on the home screen for call center staff. Location Details allows a location to be chosen from a dropdown of centers or located by postal code (Fig. 24). Once opened, four tabs appear: Product, Map, Price, and Availability.

Step 6: Location Details Set Up - Product

Home > Location Details (from Widget) > Product 

Product includes all information from the Location Data Entry screen: contact information, staff, hours of operation, link to a rates and fees PDF if applicable, offerings, and other details (Fig. 25). Advisories entered in the Location Data Entry screen appear at the top of the Product screen in red.

Step 6: Location Details Set Up - Map

Home > Location Details (from Widget) > Map 

Map is powered by Google Maps and is where call center staff can find specified centers or a group of centers in a postal code (Fig. 26). Staff can enter endpoints, like the Lead’s residence and place of employment, and see the centers that sit close to the likely route between points. Centers can be filtered by offerings or brand according to the preferences of the Lead. (Some large organizations hold multiple brands of childcare centers.) Clicking on a location on the map opens a popup with address, phone, select details, an indication of any advisories present for the location, and an option to go to the Location Details screen for the selected location.

Step 6: Location Details Set Up - Price

Home > Location Details (from Widget) > Price 

Price shows rate types and rates by class and corresponds to the Rates tabs in Cell Centers Settings and Location Data Entry screen (Fig. 27). (See also Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Extra Settings, Rates and Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Rates.)

Step 6: Location Details Set Up - Availability

Home > Location Details (from Widget) > Availability 

Availability corresponds to Availability in the Location Data Entry screen and indicates which classes have openings at which times on which days (Fig. 28). (See also Step 5: Set Up Call Centers - Location Data Entry, Availability.)

Location Details Set Up: Managing Opportunities and Tasks as The Enrollment Team

On the Home Page, the Enrollment Team will be able to directly manage tasks. The drop down boxes will allow them to sort out their tasks by task type and by date (Fig. 29). 

  • My Tasks: Task assigned to that individual staff member
  • Available Team Tasks: Tasks assigned to the Enrollment Team that are available for grabs, as in no other staff member on the team has picked them up yet
  • All Team Tasks: Tasks assigned to the entire Enrollment Team 
  • All Tasks: Are all tasks including tasks specific to the Enrollment Team

It is important to note that non-Enrollment Team members will not be able to see the Enrollment Team tasks in their home-page specific view. 

Staff members can also sort by date. Below, as shown in Figure 30, they have the option of seeing: 

  • Past Due
  • Next Day
  • Next 7 Days
  • Next 30 Days
  • All

The user interface will be different for administrators and Enrollment Team Members. Log in as a Team member and review the user interface, to ensure that all settings and workflows are set up as expected.

All reports with the ability to filter “Assigned To”, “Assigned By”, and “Completed By” filters now include “Enrollment Team” and “Enrollment Team Member” options (Fig. 32). Those reports include: 

Lead Reports

  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Completed Tasks
  • Tours & Meetings
  • Staff Tour Results

Administrative Reports

  • Staff Sessions
  • Tasks Past Due

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