General Interest

  • Leads in “Rejected” status no longer appear in search results and no longer appear as duplicate leads. You can still find them by logging into a specific location and then clicking `Archive > Rejected’.
  • When leads have multiple marketing campaigns, you can decide which campaign is “primary”, which determines which campaign appears in reporting. Click here and see step 2 under “Applying a Marketing Campaign, Manually” for details.

Marketing Tab

  • Email and Text Template variables are organized into collapsible groups. Click here, steps 3 & 4, to see the new, cleaner interface. 

Settings Tab

  • Web Forms and the Client Form now include a “Lead Marketing Note” field, which can be used for anything you need, for example coupon codes. Whatever is entered appears under “Marketing Information” on the expanded Manage Lead screen:

      Click here to learn more about Client Forms.
      Click here to learn more about Web Forms. 

For Call Centers

  • New for Call Centers: You can delete obsolete rate sheets. Click here, figure 20, to see the new (red) trashcan icon.


  • When a tour was rescheduled, text and email reminders were showing the old time, not the new time. We fixed that.
  • The International Date Line was causing some child birthdays in Australia to display a day late. This is no longer the case.
  • Self-Scheduled Tours’ child birthdates went back up to 10 years. To accommodate summer camps, etc. they now go back up to 18 years. 

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