At the bottom of every report creation screen there are three buttons, one of which says “QUEUE/SCHEDULE”:

Clicking the “QUEUE/SCHEDULE” button brings up the Queue/Schedule Report screen:

A: The report will come with a prepopulated report name which you can change if desired.

B: If you’re only going to run this report once, leave “Run Choice” at “Once” and ignore the other two controls in this group. 

If you want this report to run periodically:

  • Set “Run Choice” to “Interval”.
  • If you want the date range in the report to remain fixed and unchanging, uncheck “Save Dates as Relative Dates”. If you want the date range to automatically update every time the report runs, check “Save Dates as Relative Dates”. 
  • Decide how often you want the report to run and enter your decision into “Run Schedule”.

C: If you want the report (or the first report, if you’re doing intervals) to run immediately, leave “Run Immediately” checked and ignore the other controls.

If you want to delay the report (or the first report, if you’re doing intervals), uncheck “Run Immediately” and enter the date and time you want the report to run.

D: If you want an alert to appear on the Home page under the Alerts tab whenever a report is complete and ready for viewing (especially recommended for interval reports) check “Create Alert When Finished”.

E: If you want the report results to be emailed to a staff person in your organization, click in the “Email Results To” box and select that person. You can make multiple selections.

Click “SAVE” when you are done making your selections. The report will run based on your selections, and will appear in the "Alerts" tab on your home screen when the report is ready:

To view, edit or cancel scheduled reports, click Reports > [Report Category] (in the black bar) > [Report Tab] and click “Scheduled Reports” in the upper right.

Then click the report you want to view/edit/cancel.

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