Marketing Tab

  • Templates now have communication types, allowing leads to opt out of some communication types while remaining opted in for other types. Types include:

          Marketing: communications that promote your fee-based services 

          Service: reminders for tours, meetings, and such 

          General: all other communications, for example thank you emails

(Leads will also be able to opt out of “Urgent” communications, but that only applies to Quick Communications, not template-based emails or texts.)

Click here, step 3 or 4, to see Communication Type in email and text templates.

Click here, step 2B-D under “How to Send Group Communications” to see it in group communications.

Click here, step 2 to see the Manage Lead screen’s new “opted out” email icon.

  • Communication Types also apply to manual emails.  This is a required field--select "Marketing" if the purpose of the communication is to pitch your services, "Service" if it is a reminder of an upcoming event, or "General" otherwise.  Click here, step 3B to see the updated screen.
  • Group Email History now features click-through rates and other delivery analytics to help you understand your success rates.  Sparklines (miniature line graphs) are available in the Group Email History tab so you can evaluate different communications against one another and clicking a specific group email now reveals a detailed column graph.  Click here, steps X and Y, to see examples.

General Interest

  • Your ChildCareCRM-using new hires will now get emails containing ChildCareCRM login information 24 hours before their start date.  This happens automatically whenever you create their user profile in Settings > Staff Settings > + Add Staff Member, assuming you fill in their Employment Date.


  • Previously, report creation pages had “Queue” and “Schedule” buttons which led to similar pages with similar functions, which was somewhat confusing.  We’ve combined them to create a simpler and more useful interface.  Click here to see the new interface.


  • Issues uploading staff photos have been resolved. 

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