Multi-site Organization Enhancements

  • Center Directors can request new user logins or update current users through ChildCareCRM. Click the red question mark in the top right of the Home screen, select “User Account Request” and fill out the appropriate form. Someone in your organization with permissions to update staff settings will receive your form via email. (To activate this feature, click Settings > Organization Settings > Preferences > Edit. Under System Options enable “User Request Form” and enter the email address of the person to receive requests in “Email User Request To”.)
  • Managers can assign reports to their staff’s “Favorite Reports” widget. Such assignments are based on role—for example a regional director can place specific reports in their center directors’ widgets. (Individual staff can still add or remove their own favorites.) Managers can place reports by clicking the settings gear on the widget, selecting the desired report and then adding desired positions under “Show for Positions”. 


  • Saved email drafts couldn’t be retrieved. Recognizing that there’s no point to saving drafts that can’t later be retrieved, our developers fixed that. (Note that saved drafts disappear if you log out, time out or close your browser.)
  • Canceled tasks weren’t disappearing from the Tour & Meeting Schedule widget. Recognizing that there’s no point to canceling tasks if they aren’t going to disappear, our developers fixed that too. They’re swell people that way.
  • Tour & Meeting Schedule widget dates weren’t changing color when all tasks were completed. After giving the Tour & Meeting Schedule widget the side-eye for having multiple issues, they wrestled the widget into submission, and now dates change colors like they’re supposed to.
  • Completed Task & Event reports stopped showing results when Staff View was selected. After ruling out alien conspiracies causing multiple issues with displaying completed work, our developers fixed the report.
  • Opening documents in the Documents tab caused downstream weirdness in the display. Our developers feel that weirdness is okay in people but less so in computer displays, and so made things look right.

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