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Spellchecking in templates, etc. just got better. The web browser you use has spellchecking ability based on your local language (so Australian browsers can spellcheck using Australian English, etc.). ChildCareCRM also had spellchecking but it was based on U.S. English, and so Australian users would get Australian spellings like “enrolment” flagged as a misspelling, etc.

We have ended ChildCareCRM spellchecking because your browser can do the job better. If you notice that your browser is not doing any spellchecking, clear your cache. If that does not fix the problem, your browser’s spellchecking has probably been turned off. Learn how to turn it on here.

If neither of those works, please contact Customer Service: use the chat feature in the lower right of your screen, email ( for Australia) or call 866-306-1985 option 2 (02 8880 0405 ext 262 for Australia).


For Our Multi-Site Customers

You can link pending leads at your location to existing leads at other locations. A “Link” option will appear in the upper right toolbar of the Pending Lead if the system finds your pending lead’s name, email or phone tied to a lead at another location. With it you’ll be able to check your pending lead’s data against the existing lead and bring any of the existing lead's data into the pending lead before accepting it into your system.  After linking and accepting the lead, a round blue "linked" icon will appear in the Manage Lead screen's title bar which you can click to get insight into what is happening with that lead at the other location.

To recap, duplicate leads at the same location can be merged, and duplicate leads at other locations can be linked.


The heavy use many of our customers have been making lately of our group communications has caused some slow-downs in that system. Like Supermen minus the muscles, our developers leapt into action and have made multiple adjustments to our system to handle the increased volume without the increased lag. 

And, light-hearted caricatures aside, here’s a shout-out to a team that always hears about things when they go wrong but doesn’t always hear about things when they go right. Our developers are great people and deeply appreciated for all the hard work they put in.

Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a message to you from us about the coronavirus-related challenges we are all facing:

A Message from our CEO

Thank you for making us a part of your success team

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