General Interest

  • Phone number fields are now flexible. Phone numbers from outside your country can now be stored in ChildCareCRM, for example:
  • To better safeguard your security, we are retiring our unsecured HTTP site. If your ChildCareCRM bookmark begins with “HTTP://” please change it to “HTTPS://” (the difference being the S). 

For Web Forms Users

  • Due to the above bullet, if your web forms currently point to our HTTP:// site, please change the URL to our secured HTTPS:// site. 
  • If your site is an unsecured HTTP site, your web forms may not work with our secured HTTPS site. To safeguard your users’ information and to let your web forms continue to work, we recommend acquiring an SSL certificate for your site, thus making it more secure. These can be acquired at no cost; please see for more information.


  • Group communication remains a focus. Users like you continue to use our group communication feature at unprecedented rates, and our developer heroes remain hard at work to maintain the fastest message delivery times possible.
  • Retraction: The previous release notes described our developers as superheroes minus the muscles. It has been reported that at least one developer is doing push-ups to rectify this situation. Credit where due—we officially retract the “minus the muscles” comment.
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