General Interest

· “Submit Idea” is evolving. Clicking on the red question mark in the upper right allows you to submit your ideas to make ChildcareCRM better. This used to take you to a third-party site to record your ideas. It now opens a form to submit your ideas directly to ChildcareCRM’s Product team. Send us your great ideas!

· Business hours are more flexible. Not everyone who has weekend hours has the same hours on the weekend. Our Location settings (Under Settings > Organization Settings > Locations) now let you set different weekend hours.

· Assigning locations to pending leads without a location just got easier. Your system will identify the locations closest to the pending lead’s home (if home info is present) so you can assign the pending lead to a logical location.


· Phone number formatting when editing a lead sometimes misbehaved. We threatened military school, and now it behaves.

· The system was setting next day tasks on Friday and Saturday to be due on Monday even when weekend hours were enabled. Our kind-hearted developers felt like maybe there shouldn’t be as much work on the weekend, but we pointed out that more work Mondays wasn’t a good thing, so they fixed it.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see the addendum to the above notes!

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