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· The Manage Lead screen will now feature a status tracking bar that lets you see at a glance what status the lead (or their children) is in, how many days they spent in each status and how long they’ve been in your system. Speed is proven to increase enrollment rates, and this empowers you to identify how quickly progress is being made.

· Communication Types will be optional. As announced in the 2/26/20 Release Notes, it was our intention to roll out Communication Types that enable leads to opt out of some communications (like marketing communications) without needing to opt out of all communications. However, this required action on the part of users (see the 2/26 notes for details) and to date few have taken the necessary steps. Because there are potential legal consequences for getting this wrong, the decision has been made to not roll this out for everybody. If you have categorized your templates and want to enable this feature for your leads, you may do so under Settings > Organization Settings > Preferences > Email Preferences > Enable Advanced Opt-Out Email.

· Bugs were fixed.

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