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· Make them go away! Maybe you got out of the habit of using your CRM, and now you’re coming back to it. Or maybe COVID-19 shut you down and now you’re open again. Or maybe you were brave enough to take a vacation. In any case, now you’re back—and there are SO MANY past due tasks! It’s enough to drive a person to tears. But wait—put away the Kleenex! Just click the new “Cancel Past Due Tasks” button! (We probably should’ve labeled it the “Make Them Go Away!” button….) Clicking that button (which only appears when you have past due tasks) will pop a list showing your past due tasks. Uncheck any you want to save and then click the “Cancel Tasks” button. One click per page of past due tasks gets it done. It’s that easy to get a fresh start. Note that people can only bulk-cancel tasks they can already cancel one by one.

· Is the “Active Opportunity Pipeline” graph title your nemesis? If so, that’s weird—there are more important things to have as your nemesis, like leaky diapers. But you can change the title—just visit Settings > Organization Settings > Preferences > Home Page Options > Pipeline Graph Title.

· Or is the “Marketing” tab label your nemesis? That’s even more weird. But you can change it too: Settings > Organization Settings > Preferences > System Options > Marketing Tab Label.

· Lead Lists now list Lead Dates. When looking at a list of leads in a selected status, have you ever wished you knew when each entered your system? Wish granted! Click on any status to see the list of leads in that status, and you’ll see the Lead Date for each.

· Bugs were fixed.

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