General Interest

· A lead’s “Do Not Text” checkbox automatically updates if the lead uses “STOP” or similar keywords to opt out of text communications. Because it’s illegal in most jurisdictions to send texts after someone opts out this way, center staff cannot override this, and neither can we. A lead must text “START” to the same number they sent “STOP” to if they change their mind. If they do, “Do Not Text” will automatically update to allow texting. (This enhancement was released 7/16 because there was no justification for delays.)

ChildcareFORMS Users

· A lead will receive an automated email with a link to the forms to fill out when a “ChildcareFORMS Interview Due” task is assigned for that lead. The email can be found under that lead’s Communications tab as a pending lead for one hour in case you would like to review/edit the message. To edit the template, click Marketing > Templates > Email Templates > ChildcareForms Parent Initial Email. (This was released 7/15, again because there was no good reason to delay.)

· Bugs were fixed.

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