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ChildcareCRM reporting now includes click IDs! If you use Google click IDs (gclids) or Facebook click IDs (fbclids) in online ads that link to ChildcareCRM client forms or web forms, those click IDs can now be captured by your system and can be seen in Lead/Child Export Report:

Reports > Administrative > Lead/Child Data Export > Customize Columns [add Facebook Click ID and/or Google Click ID]:

Example of Click ID reporting

To use this feature with web forms, add the following to the end of the URL you use to populate your iframe: &gclid=foo (replacing “foo” with your actual gclid value) like so:

(If using Facebook, replace “gclid” with “fbclid” in the above examples.)

To use this feature with client forms, add the value to the body of the POST. We recommend adding them as hidden fields in the form from the tracking you receive.

To learn more about Facebook click IDs:

To learn more about Google click IDs:

ChildcareCRM Users with Online Forms

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