When you need to enter phone, walk-in, or email leads into the system, this is where you will do it.

Adding a Lead Fields:

First Name – Enter the first name of the lead.

Last name: Enter the last name of the lead.

Primary Phone – Enter the phone number of the lead. IMPORTANT – If you want to be able to send text messages to the lead, you will need to choose “CELL” from the “Type” dropdown. 

Email Address – Although this is not a required field, if you want to be able to send emails to your leads, you will need to enter an email address. 

Inquiry Type – This describes how your lead got into contact with you. You will simply choose any of the options in the dropdown.

Lead Source – This describes how your lead found information on your facility. 

Status – This describes where the lead will fall into the sales pipeline. Typically, when a lead is contacting you for the first time, they will fall under the “New Lead” status. 

Location – This describes which location/center the lead will fall under. 

If the lead you are entering is a potential duplicate, the CRM system will let you know:

If the Lead is a potential duplicate, you can left click on the lead’s name to see what information was last captured:

This will allow you to verify the information and decide whether to accept or reject the Lead.

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