Below your Active Opportunity Pipeline Chart, you will see these a row of tabs.

My Tasks: Those are the follow up tasks that are specifically assigned to you as a user in the system.

In order to complete a task, click on the green check mark in the “Action” column. A pop-up window will populate allowing you to record the outcome.

Here you can record the Result Type. Once you have filled that out, click the "Save" button to complete the task without creating a follow-up task, or you can click the "+ Save + New Task" button to save the task and add a new follow up task.

All Tasks:  
Those are all of the tasks that are assigned to all staff members within the location. This tab will allow everyone to see each other’s tasks and help out if someone goes on vacation, gets sick, or is out for any reason.

Pending Leads:
Leads who submit their information on your web form, a Kiosk form, a Wait List form, or those leads who are referred or transferred from other locations, will first be listed in the Pending Leads tab. This will give you control over what information is accepted into your pipeline. You have the option of accepting or rejecting those leads into your database.


The Alerts tab will notify the location whenever situations have occurred that require their attention. There are four types of Alerts in ChildCareCRM: 

They notify staff members within a location whenever certain situations have accrued that require their attention.There are four situations that will cause an alert to appear in ChildCareCRM:

1. Child Status Change within Other Location - This alert notifies you that the status of a child has been changed to either Enrolled or Lost Opportunity at one of your other locations, so that you may make a corresponding change to the child’s status at your location.

2. Failed Email – This alert notifies you that an email has not successfully been sent from ChildCareCRM. If an email bounces, is dropped, that person’s mailbox is full or has an auto-reply, will cause this alert Notifications. A list of email statuses can be found here.

3. Expected Start Date Passed and Child is not Enrolled - This alert notifies you when a child’s expected start date has passed while the child is in an Active status, so that you can either edit the date in the child’s record, or Archive the child’s status. This applies only to Active Opportunities: Wait Listed, Enrolled or Lost Opportunities are not affected by this alert.

4. Child Exceeds Maximum Age to Attend - This alert notifies you when a child has aged out of the program. This alert will not appear if the child’s status is Withdrawn, Lost Opportunity or Rejected.

Allows you to move parent/child information into your own management system we partner with that system. The Export (1) means that there’s one export that is ready for you to view. When you go into Export tab, you may see 3 statuses – “Pending” or “Processed” or “Waiting”. When information has been “Processed”, that means it is now in your management system. “Pending” means it still has yet to be imported, and “Waiting” means that the system is waiting until the Start date arrives in order to share that child’s information.

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