My Favorites Reports Dashboard

This Widget provides a shortcut for the user based on their most commonly run reports. When the user clicks on the settings button in the upper right corner of the page, they will be guided through the process of selecting their favorite reports:

When you are on this page, you will need to left click the "+Add Favorite Report" button on the top, right of the page. By doing so, you will be directed to another popup window:

In this window, you will simply choose a Category and a Report from the drop-down. Once you have picked those, simply left click the "Add" button. 

Your report is now listed in the “Favorite Reports” section. If you have multiple Favorite Reports, you can sort them by clicking the "Up" or "Down"buttons. In addition to that, if want to delete a report from your favorites, you can simply left click on the "Delete" button. 

Once you are done viewing the reports on this page, you will see a "Close" button on the top, right corner of the page. When you hover over to it and left click it, you will see that your favorite report has now populated on the Dashboard of the homepage:

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