ChildcareCRM has successfully built an integration for our mutual Xplor customers. Xplor is a management system in Australia that handles the post-enrolment administration work for childcare centres. A mutual customer will now be able to integrate the two systems so that when a child is successfully worked from New Lead to Waitlist or Registered, the data collected will be sent from CRM+ to Xplor (pending the completion of the Xplor enrolment form).

Once the parent /guardian has completed the enrolment form the lead/family will appear in Xplor Office (Profiles). Up to this point mutual customers have had to manually input the information gathered in CRM+ to Xplor upon enrolment, this integration will reduce manual effort and potential clerical errors. Please email if you'd like this enabled.

Exporting the Lead/Child in CRM+ into Xplor

When a child status is changed to “Registered” or "Waitlist' in CRM+. (this status may be labelled differently in your database).

Then an option will appear allowing you to export this child to Xplor.

Required Fields Mandatory for Export:
• Child First Name
• Child Last Name
• Child DOB
• Schedule Information ( day/s child is attending)
• Expected Start Date

IMPORTANT: If any of the above required fields are not provided the export process may fail and be delayed as a result.

Once you've changed the child status you can check the Event Details under the

History Tab. For Example, “Child Exported” to Xplor.

It will take approximately 15 minutes for the export to process, at that point you will see the Enrolment Form sent in the Communications tab as well as the "Email Sent" event in the History Tab.

Parent/Guardian to Complete Enrolment Form

Once the lead has been exported from CRM+, the parent/guardian will receive an email with a link to the Xplor Enrolment form. The enrolment form will be pre-populated with the details entered from CRM+

*This enrolment form MUST be completed by the parent/guardian before an Xplor Profile can be visible in Office. The Parent Profile will not show in Xplor Office until this has been completed

The parent will receive the below email confirming they have completed the enrolment form.

Viewing the lead in Xplor.

Upon competition of the online enrolment form the profile will now be visible in Xplor Office (Parent and Guardians & Child Profiles)

You will need to follow your normal process in Xplor to make the child profile active and add them to the Master Roll. If you need assistance with this please contact

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