In this section, this is where you will find data in regards to Archived leads. 

You will be able to search through this archived information on a Corporate, Region, District and Center level (as seen in the image below):

In order to see the archived information on a certain level, all you will need to do is hover over to your desired level and left click on it. In this example, we will left click on the “Center” button:

By clicking on an organization level (in this case, we clicked on the "center" button), you will see all the day-cares within that level, and you will see a summary of their archived information.

Next, if you click on a daycare, you will see a detailed list of their archived data (as seen in the image below):

From there, you can even take it further than that. 

For example, you can add Archived lead information on this page by left clicking on the “Add Archived Lead” button. By doing so, the Archived lead form will appear (as pictured below):

When you are done filling it out, simply left click on the “Save” button. 

After you hit save, you will be directed to the page below:

As you can see, you will be introduced to another set of tabs:

By clicking on one of these tabs, for example, let’s click on “Withdrawn,” you can see the leads that are filed under this status:

Alternatively, you can also see all of your archived leads by clicking on the “All Archived” button:

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